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C&MA Calgary & North Cluster

Foothills is a part of a cluster called "Calgary & North" with the Christian & Missionary Alliance Western District. A portion of our giving goes to support these men and women as they serve worldwide. While a few are a part of our Foothills Family and are called Foothills Family International Workers (FFIWs), the rest are supported by our giving to the Global Advance Fund. FFIWs are either cluster IWs who are from our church family, or the IWs that we support who serve with other organizations (i.e. Impact Ministries, EMi Canada, Power to Change, etc).

While these individuals are not FFIWs, we do support them in prayer and by giving to the Global Advance Fund. Read about our Calgary & North Cluster IWs and their families below, and follow the links to see how you can further support their work. 


Paul & Chantelle
Asian Spice

Paul and Chantelle are currently transitioning to an Asian Spice location. They have three children, Bennett, Arielle and Ella and have previously been in Niger since 2008.
The McIver's send out short weekly prayer updates via email and also have an online blog.


Rick & Susan Kilbrai
Caribbean Sun, Mexico

Growing up in the Alliance Church both Rick and Susan studied at Canadian Bible College and Theological Seminary. They both eventually ended up doing missions work in Mexico. Through their mutual passion for ministry and hearts for serving God they were married in June, 2010 and began serving the people of Mexico together.

Currently, Rick and Susan, along with their daughter Amaya Joy (born 2011) and son Ricky (who's adoption was finalized this year), serve on a church planting team, La Conexión (The Connection) in a part of Mexico that is full of young people. Through this exciting opportunity they are able to use their talents, skills, and passions to build meaningful friendships and grow with others in steps of discipleship. Click here for more about Rick & Susan.

Bob & Karin
Asian Spice

After meeting at Briercrest Bob and Karin were married in 1986. They served in youth ministry for 18 years before planting North Point Community Church. Eventually they felt called to move to the Asian Spice region to pastor an International Church.

Bob and Karin have three children – Sarah, Rachel, and Josh. Sarah is married with two children (Riley and Jackson) and both Rachel and Josh are finishing up their schooling. Though being so far away from their children and grandchildren is hard, they are very thankful for Skype! Click here for more about Bob and Karin.


Rahul & Dawna
Silk Road

R & D have been ministering since 2001. R was born and raised in the Philippines and in 1983 immigrated to Canada where he eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. He also has a Master’s of Divinity, majoring in Intercultural Ministries. D was born and raised in Vancouver and has her Bachelor’s or Religious Education. They have worked as Field Leaders in an administrative and pastoral capacity for the C&MA, are involved in strategic development and ministry coordination and are a part of the Leadership Facilitation Team of the Workers Network. Both R and D have a passion to preach the Gospel, church plant, and serve the most neglected peoples in their region. They have 2 kids, Mitch, who is married to Caylen and living in Lynchburg, Virginia, and Kirsten, who lives in Calgary. Click here for more about Rahul & Dawna.


Karissa Gilbertson
Heidelberg, Germany

Karissa is a third culture kid (TCK), born in Canada who grew up in South America where her parents were serving as international workers with the C&MA. She was first connected into the Foothills family when she was a young girl coming back to Canada for a home assignment.

At age 18 Karissa sensed a call into full-time ministry. However, the next six years felt like a "long dark night of the soul" where she wrestled deeply with depression, doubts, and a God who seemed silent. In 2011, Karissa attended a 7-month YWAM school in Germany, during which God began to heal her heart as well as redefine her concept of missions. She came back to Canada knowing she is called to journey alongside people towards healing, wholeness, and freedom in Christ, and also that that calling is not to Canada.

In March 2015, Karissa joined Ralph & Ruth Shareski in Heidelberg, Germany, and continues to work there as a long-term International Worker. She is a part of the lead team for a ministry called New Song HD. The ministry focuses on discipleship training, leadership development, evangelism, planting missional communities, and fanning the flame of unity and prayer.

For more information about Karissa, or to sign up for her newsletter, click here.