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Living Generously

All gifts will be directed to the General Fund, unless otherwise indicated in the 'Notes' section of the form. Request a giving/envelope number.

1. General Fund - goes to the ministry of Foothills Alliance Church including operations, program delivery, and administration.

 2. Building Fund - goes to building improvements, replacement of existing equipment, purchases of new equipment and retirement of debt.

 3. Justice and Compassion Fund - goes to help people in our church, local and global community who are in need.

 4. Mission Fund - goes to missions projects undertaken by the church in support of domestic and foreign missions.

 5. Glacier Ridge Church Fund – goes to the funding of our daughter church, led by Pastors Cam Loewen & Eric Mok

 6. Horizon Church – goes to the funding of our granddaughter church led by Pastor Nathan Hildenbrandt

 7. Other - goes to designated funds approved by the Board of Elders. Please put the project name in the “Notes” starting with “Credit only…”

 8. Multi-Fund– select this fund type in order to give to multiple funds with a single payment. Designate the amount being given to each fund under “Notes”.


*Please note, total annual giving of $25 or less will not be receipted unless requested.

Donate to General Fund