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My Story with Reconciliation
Our Stories
- Sermon Series

 Speaker: Conrad and Shelagh Buhler 

July 14/15

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:11-21, Matthew 18:15-35

Our names are Conrad and Shelagh, and this is our story.

On Sunday June 19th, 2016, Father’s Day, I (Shelagh) and our two girls went into Conrad’s phone and discovered evidence of an affair. Over the course of the next few days, the rest of the unfathomable truth about Conrad’s horrific sexual addiction was revealed and we separated on June 22nd, the day before our 26th wedding anniversary.

Conrad, who had always feared being caught, was now fearful that this was the end of our marriage and family. Me and my girls were devastated. There seemed to be no way back for us as a family, given the depth and scope of Conrad’s sin.

But, as we know now, God had other plans. We hope you can join us this weekend to hear the story of what God did in our lives.

Shelagh is an elementary school teacher who works with special needs children. Conrad, who worked with a Christian parachurch organization for 26 years, gave up his job because it had ties to his past behaviour. His focus and priority is now maintaining an environment of healing for his family and developing a ministry where they can share their story of reconciliation and hope with others. They are good friends of Foothills family members, and shared parts of their story earlier this year at a ManUp Breakfast.


NOTE: We recognize that this weekend’s topic can be painful and difficult. We know that not everyone’s journey of reconciliation has reached a happy conclusion, and we want you to know that we’re here for you no matter where you are on the journey. At the end of each service we will be providing resources for anyone struggling in their marriage or with sexual addictions/struggles of any kind.

Choose Integrity

Speaker: Pastor Carla Olsen Draper

August 12 & 13, 2017

Scripture: Proverbs 11: 1-4 (16:18; 28:13-14; 22:1)

Who is someone you really want to be like when you “grow up?”  If we each described the person we are thinking of right now, even though the descriptions would vary greatly, I bet there would be one thing they share: integrity. 

We naturally value men and women who are consistent, honest, and dependable. We admire those do what is right no matter the cost or who is, or isn’t, looking. In Proverbs God calls us to be men and women of integrity. The call inspires us, but can also make us quake in our boots as we realize how far we have to go.

Join us this weekend as we examine this high calling to Live the Truth and discover God’s grace that enables us live into this calling.