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Made to Love
By Design
- Sermon Series

September 14/15, 2019

Speaker: Pastor Clint Mix

Scripture: Gal 6:1-10

We’ve launched a new design; a new image (logo) to remind us that we are on a Transforming Journey of Knowing God, Loving Others, Reaching Neighbors and Serving the World.

Scripture reminds us that when we Know God we are given the gift of Loving Others. This weekend we will consider some practical ways from Galatians 6:1-11 that can help us move beyond the concept of Loving Others to living this out through community in our day-to-day lives.

Foothills is all about Loving Others by living in community together, and a big part of community is food! A Taste of Foothills is our Fall kickoff event where you can get a taste of what happens at Foothills and find out how you can participate in Loving Others together with us. Join us in Rundle Hall after any of the three services this weekend. We can’t wait to join you on your transforming journey and enjoy some food together too!

See you this weekend!

P.S. Last week we got some exciting news from our daughter church Glacier Ridge! Scroll down to read all about it.

Best Invitation Ever

June 15/16, 2019

Speaker: Pastor Clint Mix

Scripture: Matthew11:25-30

The pace of life is faster and getting faster. Stress, fatigue and burnout are common ailments with devastating results. Work, life and yes – sometimes even the church – compound together to leave us tired, worn out and living with the sad reality that we need more than a fourth cup of (freshly roasted and ground!) coffee to make it through the day.

Jesus spoke perpetually about a different type of life; His Kingdom life. Despite the pressures within and without squeezed into the frenetic lifestyle of our culture, Jesus gives us the best invitation ever: a life-giving and restorative invitation.

I invite you to join us this weekend to hear what it is!