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I am Blessed
Identity Crisis
- Sermon Series

Speaker: Pastor Ian Trigg

January 13/14, 2018

Scripture: Ephesians 1:15-23

Prayer.  It’s a bit of a complicated reality for many of us at times in our lives.  What is prayer?  Why pray?  What do we pray for?  Does it even matter if we do pray?  Paul gives us an incredible template in the later part of Ephesians 1 that gives us both pattern and passion for this dimension of our spiritual journey.  I hope to be able to both alleviate some confusion and elevate the wonders related to this core practice in our walk with God.  At least, I hope the Holy Spirit will do that for each of us this weekend!  Much grace to you as we gather to thank Jesus for slightly warmer temperatures this weekend!

Bless you!


We're Expecting!

Speaker: Pastor Ian Trigg

October 14 & 15, 2017

Scripture: Acts 14:21-28

“We’re expecting.” Few words have the power to change your life more than these two! The three times Joyce said those words to me have left an indelible memory on my heart. There is just something really fantastic about new life. We’re pretty excited to announce this weekend that we as a church are expecting! A brand new daughter church is on the way and we get to tell you a little bit about her this weekend. Even more importantly, we get to tell you why this is so important to us all, whether you’ll be a part of this new venture or not. This might well be the most exciting and impactful thing we do this decade and we want to consider why we believe this to be true.

I hope you’ll be able to join with us this weekend as we begin to unpack a life changing journey for us and our neighbours! Have a blessed weekend!