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My Story with a New Country
Our Stories Pt. 2
- Sermon Series

August 17/18, 2019

Speakers: Rick and Patricia Love

Many of us have moved at least once in our lifetime. But while some of us have moved houses within the same city, others have made huge transitions to new countries, cultures, and languages.  

These transitions, both big and small, can have a huge impact on our lives. This weekend we will hear Tony and June’s story about making the transition to Canada and hurtling over challenges like language learning, adjusting to Canadian weather, and navigating a new city.

Maybe their story is your story – or maybe you have friends who have immigrated to Canada. Either way we hope you will be encouraged by our stories and find new ways to be welcoming to newcomers to Canada. The world is coming to our city, let’s be ready to welcome them!

Pray First

September 8/9

Speaker: Ian Trigg

Scripture: Col 4:2-6 

Here’s something I’ve never said before: I’m kind of hoping that preaching is like riding a bike - that it just comes back naturally, even if you haven’t done it for a while! I’m pretty excited to be back in the saddle this weekend and way beyond excited to be a part of our Commissioning service for Glacier Ridge Church as we prepare to launch this brand new community on Sep 16!  As we pray for Glacier Ridge and for Foothills, I am excited to talk about the value of Pray First: not as a prayer service we hold monthly but as a core value that needs to govern every dimension of our lives.  When we work, we work but when we pray, God works and when God works, lives are transformed!  I am so looking forward to being together this weekend! Bless you all!


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