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The Many Faces of Brokenness
Encountering Jesus
- Sermon Series

January 19/20, 2019

Speaker: Pastor Ian Trigg

Scripture: John 3 & 4

I was vividly reminded again this week of the reality that there simply isn’t a life story that gets a free pass on experiencing pain. Pain and brokenness invites itself into all of our journeys and while some of our pain is self-inflicted and some comes from the sinful choices of others, some literally comes from “out of the blue.” It just happens. 

What do we do with our brokenness? I think the best answer is to simply bring it to Jesus. Let Him into your story. Discover His remarkable presence and gracious healing. Acknowledge the pain. Invite the Saviour to heal and restore. He comes to us all and we’ll see just how that happens through two extremely different stories from John 3 and 4 this weekend. There are many faces of brokenness but just one source of healing and grace.

Come discover all that God has for us this weekend!