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Good Friday
Encountering Jesus
- Sermon Series

April 19, 2019

Speaker: Pastor Carla Olsen Draper

Scripture: John 19:1-30

On Good Friday the ways of God stand in stark contrast to the ways of humanity.  On this day the mystery of God’s wondrous love and power are displayed and suffering and death.  We will never fully understand the crucifixion but understanding is not the purpose of the day. On Good Friday we gather as God’s people to stand in awe and horror, in wonder and gratitude at the foot of the cross. 

Join us as we reflect on Jesus’ passion and gather around His table to remember and receive the gracious gifts he won for us on the cross.

Devastating Denials

April 13/14, 2019

Speaker: Pastor Clint Mix

Scripture: John 18:15-18, 25-2,
  Mark 16:7,
 Acts 2

The words we blurt out and the impulsive decisions we make so often shape our destiny. The disciple of Jesus, Peter, infamously denied Jesus; he said and did things that resulted in devastating outcomes.

Like Peter, our own choices and sometimes the decisions of others end up causing devastation in our lives. This can take the form of regret, despair and a loss of hope for the future.

Our “denials” can hurt us, but should they define who we are and the destinations of our lives? After Peter’s denial his life didn’t turn out like you might expect; it took a surprising twist after an encounter with Jesus!

Devastation doesn’t have to be our destination!

See you soon.