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Generosity 401 - Finding the Good Life

Generosity 401 - Finding the Good Life

November 10/11

Speaker: Scott Wiesner

Scripture: 1 Tim 6:17-19

Generosity. At one time in history, it was the hallmark of Christianity. Although Jesus-followers in the first days of the church had little in the way of status or resources, because they were willing to share what little they had with those in need, Christianity began to spread like wildfire.

But if the Apostle Paul were able to time travel here to Northwest Calgary in 2018, what would he have to say about our current level of generosity? As he points out in 1 Timothy 6, as our standard of living goes up, our hope tends to migrate from God over to our wealth. And when that happens, it leads to all kinds of destructive patterns of behaviour. Join us this weekend as we look at embracing a simple plan for generosity. Because if we could get this one teaching of Jesus right, it would impact our world unlike anything else.