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All In
Thy Kingdom Come
- Sermon Series

May 25/26, 2019

Speaker: Pastor Ian Trigg

Scripture: Matthew 13:44-46


Generosity 201- The Pursuit of Excellence

October 27/28

Speaker: Ian Trigg

Scripture: 2 Cor 8:1-12

Priorities. We all have them. They shape how we live and determine what we love. The discerning person learns to invite God to shape their priorities in life. I am not always a discerning person! 

In a world filled with voices demanding our allegiance and our loyalty it takes courage, wisdom, prayer and a deliberate decision to slow down and allow God to speak to us about the things that matter most in life. With a compelling yet troubling paraphrase of a compelling (yet troubling) parable from Jesus, we will reflect further on what a generous life looks like; we’ll take a look at our priorities in life, where faith, family, and friendships fit in, and how the generous grace of Jesus is intended to change everything about us; and we will do it all in the shadow of the greatest table of grace that could ever be set: the Lord’s Table. 

I so look forward to remembering Jesus together when we gather this weekend! I can’t wait to reflect with you on how He wants us to live until He comes again. Be blessed and see you soon!