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Generosity 101 - It All Starts at Home
A Generous Life
- Sermon Series

October 20/21

Speaker: Ian Trigg

Scripture: Proverbs 24:30-34

We probably could all use a “generosity infusion” in many areas of our lives, but perhaps nowhere more desperately than at home! Just imagine if our homes were filled with laughter, grace, gratitude, mutual submission, support? What if every family member was focused on others over themselves?

This weekend we want to focus on the gift of generosity at home and what that might look like. Our time will be filled with hope and practical teaching on how to make coming home the best part of any great day. So looking forward to worshipping with you!

Embrace the Moment

October 13/14

Speaker: Clint Mix

Scripture: Ephesians 5:14-20

Embrace the Moment!

Our pace of life seems to have accelerated from busy to frenetic.  In the midst of the overwhelming speed of our day to day existence Scripture reminds us to “make the
most of every opportunity” or “embrace the moment.” While we all like the notion that we would have sensitivity and margin to do this, the reality is that life continually
gets in the way.

God calls us to live counter-cultural lives where we are as generous with others as God is with us - including our use of time. As challenging as it sounds, we can embrace the moments God gives us and slow our pace of life at the same time! Join us as we go deeper into The Foothills Way with the our next series Extravagant Generosity. Let’s follow God’s wisdom and choose to Embrace the Moment!

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