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Good Friday
Encountering Jesus
- Sermon Series

April 19, 2019

Speaker: Pastor Carla Olsen Draper

Scripture: John 19:1-30

On Good Friday the ways of God stand in stark contrast to the ways of humanity.  On this day the mystery of God’s wondrous love and power are displayed and suffering and death.  We will never fully understand the crucifixion but understanding is not the purpose of the day. On Good Friday we gather as God’s people to stand in awe and horror, in wonder and gratitude at the foot of the cross. 

Join us as we reflect on Jesus’ passion and gather around His table to remember and receive the gracious gifts he won for us on the cross.

The Problem with the Rat Race...

Sermon Info

Speaker: Pastor Ian Trigg

October 31 & November 1, 2015

Scripture: Romans 12:1-2

Focus. Direction. Strategy. Intentionality. Passion. We hear so much about these things in our everyday life but where exactly do they fit in our relationship with Jesus? How satisfied are we with the health of our soul right now? What is the trajectory of our life if we keep doing more of the same? Could things get better? Our new Prime Minister is fond of saying, "better is possible!" Is it true in the spiritual realm? We are beginning a four week series of messages on "The Centered Life ... connecting with God in a distracting world." I'm incredibly excited about journeying together to discover this amazing life God longs for us all to know. If you're feeling mildly disconnected or wildly out of control ... this will be a fantastic message for you.


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