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My Story with Burnout
Our Stories Pt. 2
- Sermon Series

July 20/21, 2019

Speakers: Pastor Ian Trigg with Brent Trask

Scripture: Mathew 11:28-30

Burnout. Tragically this relatively recent health concern is not a stranger to many of us. Maybe not the “paralyzing can’t go to work” expression, but the sense of being overwhelmed and under-resourced is far too familiar.

A recent study a friend shared with me reveals that 76% of men experience burnout and, shockingly, 88% of women acknowledge struggling with this. Is there a better way to live?!

This weekend, Brent Trask will join me in sharing his story with burnout. We’ll talk about warning signs and creating margin and pathways on our journey to wellness. It will be profoundly insightful and filled with hope. I do look forward to being together as we encounter Jesus! Have a blessed weekend!!


The Problem with the Rat Race...

Sermon Info

Speaker: Pastor Ian Trigg

October 31 & November 1, 2015

Scripture: Romans 12:1-2

Focus. Direction. Strategy. Intentionality. Passion. We hear so much about these things in our everyday life but where exactly do they fit in our relationship with Jesus? How satisfied are we with the health of our soul right now? What is the trajectory of our life if we keep doing more of the same? Could things get better? Our new Prime Minister is fond of saying, "better is possible!" Is it true in the spiritual realm? We are beginning a four week series of messages on "The Centered Life ... connecting with God in a distracting world." I'm incredibly excited about journeying together to discover this amazing life God longs for us all to know. If you're feeling mildly disconnected or wildly out of control ... this will be a fantastic message for you.


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