Below you will find lists and links to recommended resources specifically for Prayer.

General Prayer Resources

Recommended Resources

Women's Ministry Prayer Resources

Prayer of Examine (Cyndy Ingram): Prayer of Examine

Silence and Solitude (Cyndy Ingram): Silence and Solitude

Acts Part 1 (Dee Harmer): Acts Part 1

Acts Part 2 (Dee Harmer): Acts Part 2

Prayer through Journaling (Julie Lee): Prayer Through Journaling   

Lectio Divina (Julie Lee): Lectio Divina

Praying in Nature (Julie Lee): Praying in Nature

Praying with Scripture (Carla Olsen-Draper): Praying with Scripture

Imaginative Prayer (Carla Olsen-Draper): Imaginative Prayer

Recommended Resources

Daily Prayer Guide

Daily prayer: morning, midday and evening.  Stop, slow down, center, and pause to be with Jesus.  Our goal is to create a continual and easy familiarity with God’s presence in each day.

Prayer Pathways Class Resources

Recommended Resources