January 27, 2019
This Sunday ESL class welcomes people from around the world to study Canadian culture, English language and the Christian faith.…
January 5, 2019
We have 10 FREE ESL classes starting mid-January. Check out the Intercultural Ministries bulletin board or brochure for more info,…
January 18, 2019
A once a week Friday class with prepared topics with vocabulary for all levels. Canadian volunteers are conversation partners. 
January 19, 2019
Beginner topics include: time, numbers, food, and family. When: Saturdays
January 19, 2019
Focus on daily speaking and listening. When: Saturdays
January 17, 2019
This club uses discussion questions about Canadian culture to practice speaking and listening skills, open to all proficiency levels. When:…
January 5, 2019
This is an ESL-friendly class to learn about Jesus in the Bible. Come study, pray and learn together with us.…