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I'm New: What is Extreme Kids?

If you’ve got kids, they’re probably a BIG part of the decision of where you’ll go to church. We get it. You probably want to know all about us before you show up. That’s great! We’d love to show you. Check out the frequently asked questions below. And if there’s still something you’re wondering about, just contact our Children’s Ministry Associate Katie.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please go to the "Children's Visitor Check-in" desk, before the service to register your child. For every age group, at every event, children must be entered into our computerized check-in system, with a number assigned to them and to their parents/guardians. An Extreme Kids volunteer will walk you through registration and help you figure out where you child to take your child next!
Our highest priority is the safety of our children: safety of body and safety of heart. Our policies make sure children are secure and out of danger, and we provide caring learning communities that lead to closer walks with God and one another. Children are signed in and out of their classroom and pick up is only completed when the corresponding parent/guardian number is confirmed. In all classes, parents/guardians are welcome to come in with the knowledge of the lead teacher, and stay with their child to help him/her get settled.
We offer age-appropriate, caring, fun programs for infants to Grade 6, that spiritually nurture kids while parents attend weekend services. At each level, children learn biblical truths through story, scripture memorization, games and music.
All our Extreme Kids volunteers are passionate about helping kids know God, love others and serve the world. Our volunteers are screened, including police checks and references, and are well trained in communicating with fun and intention, as they care for the spiritual nurture of our children.
Classes in the Nursery and Preschool departments are determined by year of birth. Grade School classes (K-Grade 6) are determined by the grade your child is currently in at school. We have strict policy of adhering to the set classes for clarity and consistency. Promotion to the next class happens in annually, in September, after the Labour Day weekend.
Children (babies to Grade 4) go straight to class for the start of the service. Extreme Kids volunteers will be available to receive children 15 minutes before the start of each service. Grades 5&6 children start in church and are dismissed to class, and self-dismiss at the end.
Our children's programming is designed to be engaging and age-level specific. While we understand that coming to a new place can be frightening, we ask that each child attend the class that's designed for them. In all classes, parents/guardians are welcome to come in with the knowledge of the lead teacher, and stay with their child to help him/her get settled.
We believe in teaching our kids the importance of giving our gifts to God - including our money! Extreme Kids supports two sponsor children with the offering collected each week: one in Cambodia with Place of Rescue, and one through Compassion Canada. When there is a surplus, the money goes towards projects such as building and supplying schools through Compassion.

Children's Area Map


1. 0-2 Years Old (Babies)

2. 0-2 Years Old (Walkers)

3. 2 Year Olds

4. 3 Year Olds

5. 4 Year Olds

6. Kindergarten & Grade 1

7. Grades 2-3

8. Grades 4-6 meeting place

9. Stairs to the Attic - Grades 4-6 classroom