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I'm New: What are Life Groups?

Foothills is a big place and it’s easy to feel a little lost in the crowd. Life Groups are a way to get to know a small group of people who are on the same journey of faith. Life Groups take on a variety of shapes and forms, but all of them have one thing in common. They do life together.

Welcome to Life Groups!

God’s plan for us is to be connected to him and connected to one another. Life Groups are an opportunity to be intentional about doing both of these things. As we work, play, study and learn together, God teaches us through others. Foothills is a growing place and Life Groups are a great way to connect and discover community!

Frequently Asked Questions

Life Groups are small groups of people who meet regularly in someone’s home for community, Bible study, and mission. They are for adults of all ages, stages of life, and spiritual maturity.
A Life Group meets at a time that is most convenient for the majority of the group. A Life Group should meet 2 to 4 times a month during the school year. In the summer time a Life Group may scale back to once a month because of vacations and such.
Though each group differs in how they do things, many groups have a social time in the beginning, then transition to a time where they discuss questions from the sermon discussion guide and pray for each other. At the very beginning of the group, the whole group decides how much time they will spend on social, discussion, and prayer time (as well as the order in which they take place).
Sometimes visiting a group is like trying on shoes. You may have to try a couple of groups out to see which group is the best fit for you and your family. It's ok to visit multiple groups before deciding on which one to join.
No. People that attend groups are at all different levels of their spiritual journey. We don’t expect you to know everything about the Bible. It is always ok to ask a question related to the Bible in your group time if you don’t know the answer.
We leave it up to you and your Life Group to arrange for childcare. Some groups pool together and pay for a sitter, some rotate childcare among the members, and some leave it up to the individual. If you are having trouble finding childcare, we may be able to help you.